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The TESTS are prepared In the Laboratory To the Moment, For which, according to the quantity of the applications of test received, could have passed since 2 a 20 Days for the consignment.

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For those who purchase the TEST or Covermark products
Please read to the end.
vers. C 07/2015

By ordering this blister test, you will receive the full range of colors to choose the type of foundation including:

FACE MAGIC 12 colors palette

LEG MAGIC 10 colors palette

LEG MAGIC FLUID palette of 6 colors

FOUNDATION 12 color palette

CONCEALER palette of 6 colors

COMPACT POWDER palette of 6 colors

Botulinum MAKE UP 6 color palette

Botulinum CONCEALER PLUS palette of 4 colors

Botulinum POWDER COMPACT palette of 6 colors

LUMINOUS MAKE UP 6 color palette

LUMINOUS COMPACT POWDER palette of 6 colors

ELIMINATE POWDER COMPACT palette of 6 colors

ELIMINATE CONCEALER PLUS palette of 4 colors

REMOVE MAKE-UP 6 color palette

The TESTS are prepared in our laboratory at the time of the order, so as to be as fresh as possible.
For this reason, depending on the amount of received test requests, and the availability of the laboratory, it may take from 2 to 20 DAYS for dispatch.

The cream foundation that found in tests, being manipulated in the laboratory to suit the packaging and heated to insert it in the blister, may be slightly less fluid, partly because absorbed in part by the cotton swab.
This packaging technique is required for the product in the transport does not exude.
The technique developed in our laboratory, was completed in time and found the most effective one to make you try the products.
The product packaged in the parent company, of course, has the original fluidity and spreadability.

The color tests are used to choose the most suitable to your skin tone. Once you find the right one, do not underestimate the other colors, definitely you will also need additional colors.

For those who already use Covermark knows that the skin during the year can change color, also the colors can be overlaid or combined to obtain the most suitable shades to his incarnate.

For example you can give a shade of the bottom and then apply over another shade lighter, only in appropriate places, and feather it to create an area that gives a feeling of brightness (and liquids of fullness), and contrary to give the feeling of depth.
Typically, you need only one more color similar to that of your skin but for best results, we can play with more shades of Covermark to reproduce both the natural shades of the skin, either correct the "flaws" of their face.
This is the spirit of camufflage.
You can also add the Foundation No. 10, White, to recreate the shadows and lights.

The application generally takes place as all cosmetic but for a correct application of Covermark and the little tricks of camouflage follow our tutorial videos on the home page for the various types of application.

You should never put several different cosmetic brands because the chemical molecules of a cosmetic, being designed specifically for this, they form a chemical bond in tune with all the products of the same brand or line.
Among mixed between cosmetic brands there may be intolerance or reaction between them generating spreadability problems, coloring, you might have a bad result also from the mixture, you can generate unexpected substances that may lead to allergies or intolerances, and in some cases be toxic to the skin.
Only a pharmacist or an expert beautician can advise you on the products can be mixed.
The advice is: if you use Covermark, used the tonic to Removing always Covermark and you will get the maximum.


Consider that there summer tanned for which we will need at least one additional staining, darker, depending on the type of which is capable of tanning your skin.
Keep in mind that all products have a protection index of 15 FDP.
You will be protected in the areas, both at sea and in the mountains, from ultraviolet rays
But you have to pay attention to apply on the skin not covered by Covermark, a specific sunscreen or you will burn yourself or the skin may redden or darken too much by noting the difference with partly covered. For this reason it is recommended to those who have problems only on certain areas of the face using the product all over your face, and not only on the affected area.
The speech also applies to all areas of the body.

They get many requests about how to hide the tattoos. Some already use Covermark and each has its own rule, but depending on how many products used and how apply them, get a proper result, sometimes mediocre because you do not perform the right technique.

To cover and hide the tattoos the optimal technique is:

use the FOUNDATION No. 10, White, to level the ink dark color to the skin. Apply it going over the tattoo outline for about 1 or 2 cm.
secure with FINISHING POWDER pat until it is all absorbed.
Brush removing any excess.
if the tattoo is very impactful for example, a black tattoo on very light skin, or an embossed tattoo, we recommend using the FOUNDATION which is very opaque and pasty.
For all other fits the LEG MAGIC ideal for legs and body, which is smoother and has more color gradations.
dab again with FINISHING POWDER to fix until the camouflage is dry.
Brush removing excess fixative powder.
N.B. The two products, Foundation and Leg Magic in this case, both are fine. Note that the former is more opaque and serves for tattoos with a lot of contrast, very strong, and the second is more likely to shades of your skin because it has more shades.



TEST derived from the original products COVERMARK, are prepared in pharmaceutics laboratory of Pharmacy Dr. Ciarcia that ensures compliance with all sanitary hygiene standards.
As soon as preparations are packaged and sealed, it ensures stability, moisture-preserving and from external pollution.
For each color is filled in a recess PER3 / 4 and the remaining space serves to introduce a small cotton swab for the collection of exudate and all are enclosed in a blister pack (as in the second image) hygienic sealed thermally. The socket can not be filled up everything else the product trasborderebbe.
It 'obvious that the amount (c.ca 0.2g) is sufficient to test the color on a limited area, it is not large samples as the original products.
Especially for the LEG FLUID can not post amounts to try to cover the whole leg, the sample is used only to see the shades on a small area, the overall effect unfortunately you can not see.

Please note that the Covermark are highly opaque, have a high yield, it does not take much to cover a wider area.
The cost for the pharmacy is high because you have to provide product samples of all colors and not only those that you would try on a display, testing 2-3, only those relevant to your complexion.

The workforce to achieve them is expensive because they must be prepared by a pharmacist and are technically complicated to achieve and then take a long time.

The asking price is purely flat rate, to partly absorb the costs of production.
Blisters are technical, laboratory, so do not expect the industrial and elegant packaging.

We do this to provide a service, giving the opportunity to try the products also to those who are unable because in your area there are no dealers.

To withdraw the small samples we recommend the use of tweezers, eyelash.

ATTENTION if the same order there are TEST with other products, the order is shipped when they are ready tests. If Covermark products (or other you order) you need right away, you should make two separate orders.


 N.B. Some people expect to receive, for this price, the display comes with limpets color.
We do not know how to be any clearer.
A complete flap of the entire color palette that is on display in the perfume cost much.

No cosmetic company produces samples of all shades can give to customers.

TESTS provided by us are small samples of the product acts only to see the real color, test them on your skin, smell it and appreciate its quality.
Do not underestimate the hygiene of these TEST made especially for you than those tested on exhibitors in perfume, they are made exclusively for you.
They not have been tried, smanacciati, open dust and microbes and touched with the hands of hundreds of people before you.

N.B. we assume no responsibility and no refunds we operate knowing that the products can stain fabrics or dissolve with water.
We are happening to us all! Some quirky users, other unwary and other marching there, threatening complaints or compensation since demand that Covermark products when applied permanently solve their problems vitiligo or they become almost a paint body repair shop, no discoloring, non-staining, non-diluted .
Before You Buy Take the test, if the tested products meet will buy it, otherwise let it stay.

Please note that the site we just write what Covermark represents and advertises.
Please be advised that the Covermark products are cosmetic and have all the features of the other cosmetics, are not curative drugs.
What the Covermark company offers, and it is logical, is that compared to other products is particular attention was paid to formulate cosmetic for specific problems, for those who work with their own image, for those who need to apply them daily, and that compared to others offer advantages such as increased water resistance, the less tendency to melt away the sweat, the less tendency to stain the tissues in contact.
We reiterate that there is no perfect formula, there is a cosmetic that does not stain or discolor or does not dissolve in the sweat.
The Covermark products are professional cosmetics, used by actors and the art world professionals, they are used by thousands of people around the world.
They are used both by people who have aesthetic problems but also by those who find them simply better than others.
Until now are considered the best products for camouflage, many famous brands have attempted to imitate Covermark but they did not succeed.

They are cosmetic with different characteristics from regular cosmetics, features that may or may not like.
On some blogs, there are negative comments even calling Covermark "a mask".
Certainly if a person has no problem can not use tricks, but if there are problems sometimes even disabling or unsightly objectively normal cosmetics fail to give a helping hand.
Covermark comes into play here, it is a specific product to solve major problems and certainly can not have the composition of cosmetic "normal."
The fact that it is more doughy and more opaque, in the case of imperfections is a great quality as well performs its task.
See that no one buys a product if it is not good, especially if you have a high-end price, Covermark has been present for 30 years in Italy and is a brand that continues to grow and improve.

The Covermark products are designed to solve problems and carry out their function well otherwise they would not so successful.

The Covermark is a high-end product, because they are very expensive to get the results that offer employing top quality products and raw materials specially made to Covermark.
The price we assume must not imply that the product has a low quality.
Because of his professional background has a high cost, the prices charged by us are the best in the market because we are leaders with this brand and we supply directly from the Italian distributor.

They could find themselves sometimes Covermark products at very low prices at small retailers, on Ebay, sometimes to the market. Often these are older products out of stock, sometimes these phenomena did not fully reflect anything good and we advise you to be very careful. Being an expensive brand is very attractive to counterfeiters and unscrupulous people, you may run into non-original products.
While buying a branded handbag falsified do not take risks with the drugs or cosmetics things change.
We are traveling around in Europe prohibited cosmetics as they present traces of toxic or carcinogenic substances from countries where these products are still allowed.

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