To purchase agreement "online" means the distance contract and that the legal transaction concerning goods and / or services concluded between the Pharmacy Dr. Ciarcia with registered offices in Via Roma, 20 Solopaca BN, Italy, and a consumer customer under an organized distance sales from the supplier for this contract, shall only use the technology of distance communication called "Internet". All contracts, therefore, be concluded through direct access by the consumer client to the corresponding website at or, where, following the procedures indicated, will conclude the contract for the purchase of the property.


The purchase contract is concluded by telephone through the communication by the customer, who has contacted the Pharmacy Dr. Ciarcia and delivered on that occasion a proposed purchase by providing the data necessary for the procedure of registration of its name, of ' purchase order and payment mode.

Here we report the conditions of sale that will remain effective until changed by the supplier. Any changes to the conditions of sale will be effective from the moment they are published on the websites above and apply to sales made from that point onwards.


a) is strictly prohibited to enter false data, and / or invented and / or fantasy, the registration process required to provide him with the procedure for the execution of this contract and the subsequent communications ; personal data and e-mail address must be the only real data and not some other person, or fantasy. is expressly forbidden to make double entries corresponding to a single person or enter data of third persons.
The Pharmacy Dr. Ciarcia reserves the right to prosecute any violation or abuse, and for the protection of ordinary consumers.

b) The consumer agrees and undertakes, once the purchase procedure "on-line", to handle the press and the conservation of these general conditions, which, however, has already seen and accepted this necessary step in ' purchase, and the specific product being purchased, this in order to fully satisfy the requirement of Article 4 of the Decree and .3. Legisl. N ° 185/1999.

c) The buyer undertakes, once you confirm the order,
to verify the arrival of the courier or the postman, to accept and to withdraw
goods ordered.
Also undertakes and agrees to withdraw the parcel from the deposits of stock
if the home collection is unsuccessful, it remains against him on
task of verifying the notices of attempted delivery.

Abstract: sensitive products are those products sensitive to the transport and storage (eg cosmetics) they come to us directly from the supplier, NOT RECYCLED, guaranteed by the accountability and professionalism that only a pharmacist can provide, ensuring their traceability , the correctness of transportation, proper storage and handling and their inviolability.
The packaging of sensitive products, after they are opened, they lose the guarantee of quality, sterility assurance and the security guarantee provided by the manufacturer and the products can not be resold to others. If you made them prepare to thermal destruction.
(Although you would not be happy if you inviassimo an open product and rejected by others, many Internet sites adopt this system to lower the prices.)
Furthermore, transportation by courier or Italian Post Office could visibly alter the state of the pack again.
For these reasons, the products purchased may be returned only after notice, a good motivation and relative return authorization from us, at the expense of the purchaser.
The product may be returned must be undamaged and in no way used or wasted. There must have been open the packages, even if not sealed and in no way the products must be tested or were touched inside the box that contains them. Shipping charges are always the responsibility of the customer.

The withdrawal right is exercised by sending, by the deadline in 10 days, a written notice to the registered provider (Pharmacy Dr. Ciarcia Via Roma, 20 82036 ch Solopaca BN) by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt. The notice may be sent, within the same period, by telegram, or fax (+39 0824 977010), provided it is confirmed by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt within 48 hours.
It 'important to summarize their data, the order in question, and the product. All this within 10 working days of receipt of goods.

The products are inspected before departure and to ensure the proper state. The product arrived broken due to handling can be returned within 3 days of receipt only after notice and relative return authorization from us, at the expense of the purchaser.
Upon receipt of the product when broken or faulty we will issue a Credit Voucher the same value product for use in a future order.
We do not accept returns for broken products because of the customer.

As regards cosmetics, specifically the products of make-up, we can not accept the return with reasons relating to the index or less of the colors.
The site can see the color charts and is clearly stated that upon request, the pharmacy sends a color chart or sample real paste, complete and exhaustive.

The products we sell are recharged by a small margin to maintain the aggressive Internet market that greatly affects the cost of shipping. For these reasons, we can send products unless you have signed free shipping when ordering for a total cost of 100.00 € products above.
In case of cancellation, when it was already sent or its non-collection by the courier or mail, with a consequent return to the sender, will void the free shipping cost, which still has to be paid to Dr. Ciarcia Pharmacy.

If an error by you in carrying out the orders or in case of payment plus (customer credits an amount excess of the actual amount to be paid) the pharmacy will issue a Credit Voucher which may be levied in a subsequent order. The Pharmacy will not issue refunds by sending money eg accreditation Post Pay, bank transfers etc. as there would be an increase in costs and time.

Unfortunately there are many people who inexplicably ordered the goods and refuse.
If you refuse the merchandise upon arrival for any reason or provide incorrect information about the shipment and return the goods back to the sender, the customer (the customer) is responsible to pay the shipping costs, however, and management also Though originally agreed free and any additional costs such as damages.
Of course a new shipment esimerà not pay for costs of the first unpaid, plus the costs thereof.

a) Orders prepaid with credit cards, bank transfers and anticipated Postepay
In case of cancellation or refusal to order:
- If the first shipment, vouchers will be credited with the full amount paid by the customer.
- If after posting, is credited with the amount of the voucher only products are retained expenses, management fees and damages.

b) Orders with payment on delivery (cash on delivery)
In case of cancellation or refusal to order:
- If the first shipment, the chemist Dr. Ciarcia reserves the right to take legal action for recovery of operating costs and damages.
- If after posting, the chemist Dr. Ciarcia reserves the right to take legal action for recovery of expenses, management fees and damages.

- DATA - Data are collected by the Pharmacy Dr. Ciarcia with the consent of the customer, they are treated in accordance with the laws regarding privacy and will be communicated to staff only perform the activities necessary for the execution of this contract. Regarding the reported data, the Customer may request and obtain the updating, rectification and integration, to request cancellation, transformation into anonymous form or block in case of illegal treatment may object to their treatment for legitimate reasons.
- TELEPHONE - You agree that Pharmacy Dr. Ciarcia to put in a visible phone number or cell phone outside of the package for easy delivery.
If you do not want to put these numbers should make written notification by letter or email.

For their rights and to recover those sums, the Pharmacy reserves the right to take legal steps. Any dispute is referred to the court of Benevento, Italy.

10) Translation of this contract
Translation into other languages ​​of this contract was made with an automatic translator to facilitate the customer. We accept no responsibility for the goodness of the translation between Italian and other languages. Rests with the client the cost of printing and translation of this contract. The customer is obligated to accept the original Italian version of this contract.

Continuing, I intend to confirm the order for all purposes of the law, I declare to be an adult, that the data I have provided for the execution of the contract are correct and true, to have read and accept these terms.